When my identity changed , so did the people around me

Hello Friends,

It was almost two years back, when I began observing the Hijab, my identity as a Muslim girl previously was that of a Modern Muslim Girl, my friends and colleagues enjoyed my company and spoke to me about other Muslims whom they found conservative and orthodox. For them my identity was that of a liberal Muslim girl who was educated, open minded and also defeating stereotypes somewhere.
But when I began my journey as a Hijabi I was shocked to see how people who had once looked up to me, were now questioning my thought process. It didn't take them to label me as conservative and orthodox , while some didn't mind calling me regressive, who maybe a few days back were talking about how I was moving ahead with a progressive Muslim identity.
Overnight things had changed, so was my identity, many members of my family questioned the change, were sarcastic and some feared to walk with me thinking they might be also labelled as conservative or looked at suspiciously.
I remember one such day when I was about to take a flight to Tamil Nadu for a vacation with some family members and one of them indirectly commented, "Hum toh moderation main believe kartay hai, Kya Fayeda terrorist label ho jaaye khama khaa" (We believe in moderation, why to take up all this, we might just get labelled as terrorists or extremists). I was hurt, I wanted to scream but I was practicing patience and that is when I decided to never take my Hijab off, it was my pride now.
Today after a span of 2 years, whenever I meet people, they do hesitate initially but when they begin a conversation all they find out is an individual very close to their own identity , with maybe similar dreams and aspirations.
One of my reasons to join this project is to also to represent a community, which has been for too long feared, labelled and misunderstood. For every Muslim who understand the Holy Book and the Hadith, Peace is as important for us for anyone who feels for the world and their homeland.

That is Me and I am a proud Hijabi 


  1. Thank you for sharing your story, and for being so courageous, Sehar!


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