Home Work

I am basically a social worker with an experience of working in different voluntary organizations working in different parts of Tami Nadu, India. My Development carrier started in the hilly area of Kodaikanal upper hills which consists of Tribal people. Afterthat I joined in an organization working in the remote parts of Sivagagai District. And then I joined in the an organization which is working in Madurai city slums and rural remote pockets in Madurai District.
Though all these areas or geographically different these are the areas in which mainly socially and economically downtrodden people and so our work was needed to empower them.  The area that I mentioned consists of mainly dalith communities. So most of our/my work concentration was for the empowerment of the Dalith Communities. By birth I am not from a Dalith Family and I am from a Backward Communitiy Hence my identity is Non-Dalith. This is my background.
In 1998, I was attending a two months training in The Netherlands and after the training, I was invited by a friend in Germany to meet some social concerned friends.  He arranged a meeting for which he invited some of his friends who are socially concerned. I made a presentation about our work in the city slums for the benefit of the children especially child labourers in the city slums and rural pockets.
Many questions were raised about the status of the living standard of the  people in the city slums and the category of the people living in the city slums. I responded the questions and said mainly dalith community people are living in the city slums.  One of the participants asked me “Are you a Dalith?”  I responded “No” “Then how could you realize the problems of Dalith?”
Later I understand there was a misconception that Dalith can only work for the welfare of the Dalith People. While I was sharing this with some of my friends they said that there is a concept that only women can work for the Empowerment of women like AIDS affected persons can work for the welfare of AIDS patients,    .