An experience when I felt a part of my identity was judged

When we live in a society, we are constantly exposed to a lot of views and perceptions of ourselves. It's necessary to expose oneself to such situations so that we can able to effectively respond to it and not just react.

I will talk about my experience where I felt my identity was judged.

Firstly I would like to tell that my parents had an inter regional marriage. My mom is from Kerala and my dad traces his roots from Bihar. Generally I do not talk about it much because in India, people have their stereotypes about people from Bihar. It has happened to me a lot of times that my friends or people around me crack jokes against bihari practices and way of living (mostly humiliating) and earlier I would also laugh with them because I didn't think deeply about my identity. But with years, I realized how important our identities are and I should not hide it. I began to talk more openly about it and calling out people who made derogatory remarks, oblivious to the fact that I belonged to the same community that they are joking about. This experience was important because I started embracing all parts of myself without feeling ashamed about it. It also made me talk effectively with people where they are wrong, once I started to take more interest in enhancing my identity. 
Since I was brought up in an inter regional household, I also began taking pride in how liberal it has made me and more accepting. We celebrate more festivals than any of my friends too and I feel my parents are way ahead of their age. They have been more accepting about my career choices and life choices in general. 
I think understanding identity gives us more confidence to put ourselves out there and put forth our opinions confidently because we know we understand and feel the words that comes out of our mouth. Accepting my identity has made me more aware about my history. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your powerful story, Aishwarya. You are a really inspiring and courageous person.

  2. Reading this made me realized the important roles our families play in shaping our identities.
    Thank you Aishwarya for sharing your story.


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